The American Dream. Owning your home.
A safe place for your family.
But how do you know it's safe?

With the Home Safe Guarantee you'll have no doubts that your home is safe for your family. When you call a professional that carries our Home Safe Guarantee, you know that they are experienced in all aspects of animal removal and proofing and that they have the experience needed to ensure a thorough inspection.

The Home Safe Commitment means that we follow a strict set of guidelines to ensure that you, the home owners, have maximum protection from unwanted wildlife, Whether you are a new home buyer, or have owned your home for years, a Home Safe Professional will come into your home, inspect for signs of wildlife or possible ways that wildlife can enter your home. After our inspection, we will give your home a clean bill of health or show you where the problems are, ways to correct them and how you can avoid the problems in the future.

Why Choose the HOME SAFE way?

For over 10 years the Home Safe Guarantee has provided home owners the confidence they need to rest assured that their home is safe from wild animals and rodents.

We care about wildlife and your family! Our mission is ‘Protecting Families, Property and Wildlife,’ and Home Safe techniques require special tools and training:

  • All companies providing Home Safe services are Certified Wildlife Specialists
  • When exclusion or proofing is needed, we use exclusion materials and do our repairs with the most innovative material on the market place and carry the home safe approval & written warranty against re-entry
  • Optional annual / transferable warranty coverage is available
  • All Home Safe approved companies are fully licensed and insured
  • Home Safe techniques are recommended by leading animal welfare and animal advocacy groups
  • All Home Safe professionals must abide by strict health and safety standards

Wildlife or rodents in the wrong place at the wrong times can:

  • Damage the exterior of your homes roof / ceiling
  • Create offensive animals odors
  • Cause roof leaks & Water damage
  • Chewing of electrical wires / starting of fires
  • Staining of ceilings & furnishings
  • Contamination & damage to insulation requiring costly Insurance repairs
  • cause allergies to flare
  • cause damage to your lawn & garden
  • carry a multitude of diseases

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