Home Safe considers the following in helping you resolve wildlife conflicts safely and humanely:

Inspection of the property. Once a problem has been identified, it is necessary to positively identify the species involved, the extent of the damage, whether young animals are present and what and when management procedures can be done to resolve the issue in a safe,humane and permanent way.

Assess the seriousness of the problem. Important considerations involve the impact on the animals involved, safety or health concerns to people or pets, likelihood of recurrence and whether the damage appears to be seasonal or ongoing.

Collecting the facts and consider the options. Once the problem has been identified taking action to solve & rid your self of the animals is the next step. Wildlife / rodent exclusion, eco-friendly repellants, changing human cultural practices and habitat modification are all viable, humane strategies.

Will the action solve the problem or merely address the symptoms? The solution needs to address the underlying cause of the problem to be effective over the long-term. Once the underlying problem has been determined there is almost always a permanent solution to solving the issue against reoccurrence.

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